Why use a Professional Web Design Service?

Web design has come a long way in recent years. Drag and Drop website builders now allow web savvy wellness entrepreneurs to build their own websites.

With services like this available, what are the advantages in investing in a professionally designed website?

1. Improved User Experience

At this stage, it’s worth asking a question. What is the purpose of a website for a wellness business? 

As well as looking great, any effective website should make it easy and enjoyable for visitors to discover any relevant information and to register for a class or session. 

User experience (or UX) design is the process of designing websites that are useful, easy to use and delightful to interact with.

A professional design team will use their knowledge and experience to ensure that all information on your site is laid out in a logical and coherent way.

 They’ll think carefully about the journey visitors will take through your website and design all interactions accordingly. 

This process leads to a more effective online presence for your  wellness offering. 

A great user experience results in more signups and contacts, leading to an increase in student and client numbers.

2. A Better Looking Website

Web design is part science and part art. As well as being highly functional, it’s important your site looks fantastic. 

A visit to your website may be the first interaction potential clients or students have with your business. It’s important that you impress!

Hiring a professional web designer will result in a better looking final website. 

Their suite of tools give a near limitless set of options for how your website looks and feels. 

This helps to better communicate your own unique identity and style, helping your business to stand out from the crowd.

3. Mobile Responsive Design

When creating a website, it’s crucial that it not only looks great and performs well on desktops, but also on mobiles and tablets too.

As of 2018, 52% of all web traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. 

Unfortunately, website building platforms such as Wix do not currently allow for mobile responsive design. 

A professional designer on the other hand, will ensure that your site works well on any device. 

This allows new students and clients to discover you and your offering wherever they are.

4. Increased Visibility in Search Results

No matter how well designed and good looking your website is, it’s of no use if people can’t find it. 

Unfortunately, when many people build their own website, they lack the SEO (search engine optimisation) knowledge required to make sure their site appears in a google search.

A professional web design team with knowledge of SEO best practices will help ensure your site is optimised for Google.

This should help you to appear higher in search results, driving more traffic and potential clients to your website.

5. Unique Design

Our aim is to always build sites as unique as our clients.

Most website builders use pre-defined templates. This leads to many websites looking and feeling exactly the same.

This rigid and limited approach to design often prohibits teachers and wellbeing business owners from effectively communicating their true, unique personality and offering.

6. An External Point of View

One of the hardest parts of creating any communication, is making sure it’s understandable by everyone.

So often, the creator can know exactly what they’re trying to say, but fail to communicate it with everyone else.

When you work with a web design agency, you have access to an external point of view.

This impartial, 3rd party helps you to better communicate your offering in a way that everyone can clearly understand.

This leads to deeper engagement with your site, resulting in more clients and students.

7. Save Time

Designing and building a great website can be a time consuming process.

Add this to learning the ins and outs of website development as you go and you’re in for a truly time consuming experience.

Working with a professional web design company saves you this trouble.

By leaving design to the experts you have more time to focus on delivering the classes or services that you love.

8. What’s Next?

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